Blessed Envision x Getcha Sneakers
Based in Lunenburg, Getcha Sneakers is a haven for sneaker enthusiasts. With shoes for everyday wear to grails, Getcha Sneakers never misses. This collaboration was huge for us: young entrepreneurs supporting young entrepreneurs. The store was opened in 2019 and was an inspiration for us to make our own brand. Needless to say this collaboration, this collaboration meant a lot to both parties. 
The collection features three sets of shirts and shorts, two pairs of socks, and a work shirt. 
Below are a few pages from the magazine we created as marketing material for the collaboration, as well as some of the photos taken in the store on release day.
Designed by Alex Lucier and Owalid Rahman.
Blessed Envision x Game on Fitchburg
For one of our most challenging collaborations, we designed 20 logos and 20 uniforms (and their inverse) and then manufactured 240 pairs of shorts and jerseys, all reversible. This totaled about 100 hours of work, with each uniform having its own sublimated design on top of the unique logos and colorway. Our biggest objective: make each uniform stand out.
Designed by Owalid Rahman and Alex Lucier
Blessed Envision Summer Nostalgia '23
Designed by Owalid Rahman, Grace Kotoski, and Alex Lucier​​​​​​​